The RetrieverTM Transport Hitch converts your tandem axle semi-tractor into an agricultural implement towing vehicle in as little as five minutes. With today's large planting equipment, grain carts, fertilizer applicators, and tillage tools, it is not always practical to move them with a farm tractor and loading on a detachable implement trailer is time consuming and may involve expensive permits.

The Retriever Transport Hitch gives operators the ultimate in flexibility with CAT II and III Quick Attach two-point hookup as well as a removable heavy-duty drawbar... all standard equipment. What's more the Retriever Transport Hitch was designed from the ground up specifically for towing large planters and implements so the drawbar hitch stays perfectly level in the towing position.

The Retriever TH features an exclusive battery charging system to maintain a full charge when mounted on the semi-tractor. The battery and charging system are protected in a weather proof enclosure...another Retriever TH first!

12-volt hydraulic power pack operates the Retriever TH lift/lower functions and remote valves. Mounted in a weather proof enclosure with removable lid, the power pack is protected from weather, road salt, even power washing!

Another time saving Retriever TH feature is the massive removable drawbar that features a Drop Pin style hammerstrap that makes hitching to drawbar type implements easy to do. With a 12,000 lb. drawbar capacity you'll tow the largest implements.

The Patent Pending Two-Point hitch system features a lift/lower range of motion based on tractor CAT III specifications. With Quick Attach hooks that lock into receivers in the mast, changing from CAT III to CAT II takes only a matter of seconds! With two lock pin locations the Quick Attach hooks extend to handle Kinze planter two point hitches.

Elevated Quick Attach Hooks provide an extra 3" of lift height to the two-point hitch system for extremely long planters.