"Rural Lifestyle" equipment dealers, small construction equipment sales and rental facilities all have a common need; to become more efficient and profitable, in their sales and service departments. That's where the new Retriever® PUP self-loading trailer comes in. The Retriever® PUP features a self-contained hydraulic 3-point lift system (CAT I and II) that allows one operator and a pickup truck, to hitch up, lift, load, and transport small, 3-point implements and attachments. The operator simply backs up to the implement, connects the 3-point lift on the Retriever® PUP, lifts the load using the 3-point hydraulic system, then hydraulically moves the 3-point lift carriage and implement forward on the trailer for transport... it's as easy as 1,2,3!
Pup trailer


The operator backs the trailer up to the implement or attachment, uses the hydraulic controls to move the 3-point carriage to it's rearmost position, then uses the hydraulic controls and the adjustable top link to attach the 3-point hitch system to the implement. The lower lift arms of the trailer's 3-point hitch system feature lateral adjustments, to match the width of the implement's hitch, making hookup a simple process.


After attaching to the implement's 3-point hitch system, and deploying the outrigger jacks, the operator lifts the implement to the highest position with the Retriever PUP's hydraulic lift system.


After the implement is raised to the highest position, the operator moves the 3-point hitch carriage and implement forward on the trailer, using the Retriever PUP's hydraulic controls, shifting the load closer to the center of the trailer for transport. After moving the carriage to the forward-most position, the operator lowers the implement down engaging the mechanical transport lock, and then the implement is ready to be secured to the trailer with chains or straps for transport.


The Retriever PUP's self-contained hydraulic system is powered by an easy-starting 5.5 hp Honda GX 200 gasoline four-stroke engine and hydraulic pump. Operating the Retriever PUP is an easy one-man operation with the hydraulic controls mounted on the left side of the trailer. Controls include: raise and lower 3-point arms, forward and rearward travel of 3-point carriage, and remote hydraulic valve functions.


The Retriever PUP's CAT I and II 3-Point hitch system features laterally adjustable lower link arms and an extendable top link to make hitching to a wide variety of implements possible. The lower link arms feature a sliding latch that pins in place to capture the lower link pins of the implement. A set of remote hydraulic outlets is mounted on the 3-Point lift system to provide remote hydraulic power when needed.

Axle Single torsion axle, 3500 lb rating
Brakes Electric drum brakes with battery backup
Electrical connection 7-pin connection plug
Engine Honda GX 200, gas 4-stroke, 5.5hp @ 3600rpm
GVWR 3500 lbs
Hitch Pintle ring 3" diameter
Hydraulic controls 3-function valve
Jacks (2)
Lighting DOT approved lighting with LED stop, turn and tail lights
Remote hydraulic outlet (1)
Safety chains (2)
Tires (2):205/75R15 with 5-bolt wheels
Trailer weight 1940 lbs
Trailer length 190"
Trailer width 97.5"
Options Spare tire and mount

Avaliable Options

Optional Universal Skid Steer Attachment

Optional Universal Skid Steer Attachment

Use the Retriever PUP to pick up and transport Skid Steer Attachments utilizing the optional Universal Skid Steer Attachment that mounts on the Retriever PUP's 3-point hitch system. Used in conjunction with the optional Hydraulic Top Link Cylinder, the Retriever PUP can be used to pick up and transport many different types of skid steer attachments, making it the ideal delivery tool for rental yards.

Optional Hydraulic Top Link Cylinder

Optional Hydraulic Top Link Cylinder

The optional Hydraulic Top Link Cylinder connects to the remote hydraulic valve ports and provides even more flexibility and convenience in hitching to 3-point implements. When used in conjunction with the optional Universal Skid Steer Attachment, it makes attaching skid steer attachments a breeze.