The new RetrieverTM Self Loading Trailer from Bestway Inc., features a self-contained hydraulic lift system that allows one truck and operator to pick up and transport combine heads and three-point mounted implements without the need for a combine, forklift or tractor to assist in the loading operation. The RetrieverTM was designed to greatly increase the efficiency of farm equipment dealers and large farming operations by reducing manpower and equipment requirements needed to move combine heads and wide three-point mounted equipment from one location to the next. The operator simply backs up to the head or implement, attaches the trailer lift arms, lifts the load and rotates the load lengthwise, secures the load and drives away!

The Claas Forage Harvester Head Adapter allows owners to use their Retriever SLT trailer for transporting Claas forage harvester heads. Forage harvester heads can be challenging to load and transport on conventional trailers and the new Retriever Claas Forage Harvester Head Adapater solves that problem. This setup is great for both dealers and forage harvester operators alike.

Optional decking (two panels on bumper pull, four panels on goose neck models) provides operators an additional payoff by combining light freight movements with RetrieverTM jobs.

Keep your RetrieverTM on the move with the optional spare tire and mount kit. SLT models 16B and 16G feature the 215/75R17.5 tire and heavy duty solid steel rim. The SLT 20B, SLT 20G and SLT 20GL models feature 235/75R17.5 tires.

Tow your RetrieverTM SLT with a Semi-Tractor with the addition of our King-Pin Hitch. The 4" square diameter fits right in the existing goose neck coupler tube. Features a 10" bolster plate and is rated at 30,000#.

The RetrieverTM head adapter makes moving combine heads including small grain, flex, corn and many draper heads, a one-man operation. One head adapter moves John Deere corn and small grain heads made since 1970 and Case-IH "new style" heads since 2006 as well as New Holland heads since 2002. With additional "pin on" arms the adapter converts to move "old style" Case-IH heads and other brands. A separate adapter is available for LEXION combine heads. Check with your RetrieverTM representative for specific model applications.

Included in the Head Adapter option package is this handy stow bracket that provides secure storage for the head adapter when not installed on the 3-point arms. The head adapter mounts to the stow bracket with the same pins used to mount it to the 3-point arms.

The optional CabCAM video system provides the operator a clear view of the rear of the Retriever and the implement or head while backing up during the hitching process. Kit includes a weatherpoof black and white camera with audio capability and a 5.5" CRT black and white monitor for the truck cab. Also included is a custom bracket to mount the camera on the rear of the Retriever.